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The sun room is coming together! This room sits right by our main living area, so I wanted something conversational, cozy, and a little more fun. It feels good to have one room pretty much completed, I’m just waiting on the drapes! There is so much natural light in here, so I really wanted to highlight the large trim around all the windows by painting them a little darker than the grasscloth on the walls. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

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A grasscloth hanging tip: Make sure your walls are clean! We had our entire house scraped due to thick popcorn ceilings and textured walls, so even after getting it professionally cleaned, I’m still finding dust in corners and on ledges. Because this is peel and stick grasscloth, it doesn’t like to adhere to walls that have any amount of dust! I have to go back and use actual wallpaper glue on the top of parts of the wallpaper due to losing too much of the “sticky” from not wiping the moulding down again. The more you know!

I get asked a lot about this Original Rush House rug and if it’s soft enough for a living room with kids. I think it depends on you and your family! It’s durable, very stylish, and a great price to get a rug at a larger size- especially since they’re all customizable. They also have tons of other styles! But they’re true natural fiber, so they’re definitely not as soft as a wool or traditional rug on bare feet! We still love ours, and recommend it often to friends. Just something to consider! There are samples you can order if you just want to feel it before buying.

These rattan woven shades from Amazon are probably one of my favorite purchases in this room. They are the most easy to install, so high end looking, and beyond inexpensive compared to any other custom size blinds. These are also in the baby room! Highly recommend.

A fun thing I like to do to make a room a little more relaxing is having a big stack of magazines on a tray.

Sun Room Links:

Slipcovered White Couch

Rush House Rug

Grasscloth Wallpaper

Block Print Chandelier (on sale!)

Similar Pleated Floor Lamps

Similar Brass Table Lamp, and another one on Amazon

Similar Antique Side Table – I found mine at a local antique store

Raffia Coffee Table with the glass topper

Favorite Coffee Table Books

Block Print Throw Pillows on armchairs

Blue + White Orchid Pot

Blue Lumbar Pillows

Blue Swivel Chairs

Conch Shell

Woven Roman Shades

Similar Tissue Box Cover

Glass Candle

A Few More Sun Room Details:

Trim Paint color is “Niebla Azul” by Sherwin Williams

Grasscloth Wallpaper color is “Whisper Blue”

I use these bulbs for a soft, warm glow in all lamps + lighting

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