Baby Echols is on the way!


It’s been such a fun last few days after announcing on social media that John and I pregnant! I am writing this at around 13 weeks, and it truly still has not sunk in that we are having a baby. I found out early around 4 weeks, so it’s felt like a loooong two months of sitting on such sweet news and trying to get use to the idea of John and I becoming parents. I cannot believe it!

By God’s grace, I found out we are pregnant on January 2 2024 on a whim after taking a test when we had just finished up dinner. I knew I had one test left so I popped in the bathroom not thinking anything of it after many months of negatives. My app had been telling me I was late for a few days, but this wasn’t unusual for me. I just sat on the counter and died laughing after flipping the test over and reading “Positive”. I was SO SHOCKED! I locked myself in the bathroom to pull myself together because I knew I wanted to tell John in a more special way rather than right before we went to bed– which was beyond difficult to do — but I tried to be normal – lol. I ended up telling him the next day after he got home and I got to video his reaction. I will post the video on my “Baby Echols” Instagram story highlights here, but please excuse all of his “HOLY SHIT”s – hahahaha

It’s been the most precious season to get to tell friends and family, go to doctors appointments and hear their little heartbeat that’s as fast as a hummingbird, to start dreaming of a nursery… all of it. I cry every time I sit to journal and read, just praying for any little thing that pops into my mind: that they are happy and healthy, that we teach them to know the Lord, that they grow to be confident and kind adults, that they come back long after they leave the house, that they’re far better than we are.

As far as first trimester goes, it’s been easy. No nausea thankfully, just a few weird food things that have now mostly subsided, and a little more tired. I know… all of you moms who were head in the toilet for 12 weeks or longer, I totally understand if you hate me a little hahaha I would too! With our big move, house renovations, and all the travel for work we’ve had to do since the start of the year, I am counting my blessings that it’s been this chill.

We will be sharing the gender soon, and I can’t wait! What’s your vote?!

A HUGE thank you to our friends Katherine and Tyler who took these stunning announcement photos in Charleston. We love every single photo! My dress is by Abbey Glass, looks like this exact print is sold out but there are different colors available here.

A note:

This pregnancy has made me extra sensitive to the couples who want a baby, yet it’s taking longer than anticipated. I can be a bit of a ~jump to the worst conclusion~ type of gal, so when it started taking us 4, then 5, then 6 months, those anxious thoughts of “well shoot… what if we can’t get pregnant?” started to creep in. I wish I had any sort of helpful or comforting words besides prayer, but just know that my heart goes out to all of you friends who have experienced loss, or deal with family planning not going the way you had hoped. Sending my love. <3

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