My Tips On Becoming A Blogger / Influencer in 2024

I have been meaning to sit down and write a little blurb about how to become an influencer and starting a blog in 2024! By no means do I have this all figured out, but I’ve learned a thing or two since starting around 2 years ago that I’d love to share with you.

Let it be known that I have a love/hate with Instagram – especially during those beginning stages. It takes a while to find a social media ‘voice’, content style, niche(s), and to learn the algorithm enough to work with it. It’s a funky thing to use an app for both your own enjoyment and your job, so establishing boundaries for both of those times is crucial. I can get stuck scrolling for wayyyy longer than I’d like to admit, which can sometimes make it hard to create because of the over-saturation of other people’s content.

So, as I said…. Instagram is a love/hate 😉 But that’s not news to you!

When I split up my wedding photography account to also have a new influencing Instagram back in 2022, I had a lot of business marketing experience, but it was a whole different ballgame to start creating content that was of my life and interests. I shared more lifestyle things here and there over the years on my photography blog and social media, but in order to differentiate the two, I had to start over with a new account. It was hard!

I got together with my website designer Sarah over at Alisabeth Designs (who also created my photography site back in 2017) and she got me ready to go with this sparkly new website to begin blogging. I use Showit for my hosting site, and will never go back to another because it’s truly the most beautiful, customizable and user friendly. Not to mention their amazing customer service!

That’s my first and biggest piece of advice:

Do not depend on one sole piece of social media for your income. You need something you own.

Maybe it’s a podcast, a youtube channel where you make longer form content, or a blog like I did- but just having Instagram is risky long term. Just this week, both Instagram and Facebook were down for about 2 hours, and I sure am glad I wasn’t contracted to post something at a certain time for a brand, or depending on a post’s performance!

Not to mention, Google will pretty much always be around, so your website will continue to build trust with Google, which allows your site to eventually get ranked. More eyes = more money!

Social media in some capacity I am sure will always be around too, but Instagram? We just don’t know. So there’s my tangent about diversifying your influencer marketing business 😉

Instagram 101 for growing your platform:



Hahaha I know, eye roll. It’s true though, the very best way to grow your account as quickly as possible is producing really good, entertaining in some way, well-shot reels. You can lean more educational, entertainment/personality, beautiful locations + travel, or whatever it may be! Whatever you’re wanting to share and make your niche, Reels is the biggest way you’re going to get in front of people who will be interested in following you.

Some quick take aways:

Use trending audios as much as possible, but only ones that have a smaller amount of uses. So Texas Hold Em by Beyonce is already out. (Trending audio has the little check mark by the title)

Always shoot in 4K or cinematic setting on your phone for best quality.

Use the voiceover feature for some of your videos if needed.

Get to the point, especially in your first few seconds 🙂 Have you heard of the “millenial pause”? Apparently it’s when people get on stories or Reels and theres a second or two where they’re just looking at the camera before they begin talking. Cut that and jump right in! Social media is fast paced.

Tag the people, brands, or locations you’re at. Hopefully they will repost!

Take inspiration of current trends! How are people shooting videos? How are their hooks? What are they videoing in your niche?

Connect connect connect! Every comment or DM, be genuine in your communication back. The current rule I’ve heard is to stay and engage on the app for the first 30ish min after posting a piece of content so the algorithm pushes you in front of more accounts because it sees it getting engagement.

Cross post immediately to TikTok if you have it. Lots of times, what does well on one will do well on the other. TikTok is truly not in my wheelhouse, but so many people have done great starting their businesses there! Especially back in 2020 it was so easy to grow on TikTok. It can’t hurt! Most of the time, if people find you on TikTok they eventually come over to you on Instagram if they continue to engage.

How to create content:

Get comfortable with putting yourself out there! How do you want to show up on social media? What feels genuine to you? What do you see other creators doing that you like or don’t like? Not all creators show their face. Not all creators show their families. Not all creators have everything perfect all the time! That’s kind of the best part- you make your content whatever you want.

I recommend sitting down once a month or so and creating a google doc or even a running note on your phone to dump all your ideas. This really helps you stay organized! Include brands that you want to work with, content + follower goals, and things you’re learning.

Once you begin creating and your account begins to grow, to start working with businesses you’ll want to show them high quality content you’re capable of producing that also makes sense for their brand.

So keep that in mind when creating!

It wouldn’t make sense if your goal was to eventually work with luxury hotels but all you post about is recipes. Not saying you can only post one type of niche/content (unless you want to!), but it just has to fit with a brand to want to collaborate with you.

The only ones who can get away with not having to do this are celebrities or huge influencers.

Brand deals is where the money comes in! Most brands won’t work with you unless:

1) You market yourself as a UGC creator (user-generated content creator) and your follower number doesn’t matter,


2) If you are an influencer and have a certain number of followers.

But don’t be discouraged, smaller brands still have budgets to work with micro influencers in some capacity, like gifted content, and that’s still wonderful experience! So crank out some great reels, connect with other accounts + business you love, stay consistent, and you’ll grow in no time.

Furthering Education:

Here are some of my favorite people:

Influencer Confidential Podcast

Creator Club with Katie Steckly Podcast

Freelance Friday Podcast

Gina.B on Youtube

Perfecting Blogging on Youtube

Josh Ryan on Youtube

Questions from Instagram:

Q: Does every link need to be disclosed as affiliate on IG stories?

A: Ehhh, I would say no usually! When working with a brand, influencers typically have to add the hashtag #sponsored or #ad to stories and posts, but not for just day to day links. It’s understood that when you click and buy from an influencer story posting Amazon or LTK that it’s an affiliate link. Sometimes bloggers will add a disclosure to their blog posts.

Q: How do you edit your photos?

A: I use VSCO on my phone and Lightroom on my computer. I pick a from a few more film-looking filters and tweak the settings. This is totally dependent on how you like your vibe to be! Brighter photos tend to perform better.

Q: Tips for taking better photos of yourself

A: Lighting is everything, whether it’s flash or natural light. If you’re shooting on a phone, if it’s not too harsh I recommend facing more towards the sun if you can (shade is your friend!). Backlit photos on a cell phone seem to turnout more grainy and with weird shadows. If you’re shooting on a camera, you can get away with more lighting scenarios. For lifestyle shoots, I typically like to be outdoors with as pretty a background as much I can. Drop yourself PIN’s if you’re ever out and find a good location for a later shoot!

Q: How do I take good video content?

A: Right now, sometimes just straight up pretty B-roll with some sort of educational or helpful text and a good song does super well, depending on the topic. If you’re not familiar with video or photography on a phone, this can take some time to make your content look polished but keep trying. If you’re shooting a specific thing, grab a few different angles and distances from the subject with a steady hand. If you’re shooting yourself for lets say an outfit or tutorial, just make sure your lighting is good and your language is clear. Sometimes the best videos in all sorts of niches aren’t the ones that look perfect or have a stunning background/setting. Use what you’ve got! People are following YOU, after all. Oh, and WIPE YOUR SCREEN 😉

Q: Is blogging important for bringing in followers and revenue?

A: 100%

Q: How can I work with brands?

A: Research lots of brands you want to work with, and start to engage with them on social media. Reach out through DM and email with ideas for their products and ask to collaborate with them! Make sure to send them a link or two to a piece of content that you’ve produced with marketable insights (like how much exposure a related reel or post got). Decide if you’re comfortable with gifted, and what your rate will be for paid.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot of work that goes into starting this business, so be gentle with yourself as you begin! Social media is a powerful marketing tool that is important for every single brand, and your perspective and audience will be valuable to them. Have fun!

Comment on this post or DM me if you have any questions.

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