This kitchen was our first and largest project we did in this house. Check out this blog post to see all the before and afters, or peruse my instagram. I will be going through our entire home room by room and linking everything for you to shop. If the exact product is a facebook marketplace find, a DIY, or unavailable, I will be sourcing similar items in a similar price range!

When I started redesigning this space back in 2021, I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t be too custom or over-done to where it wouldn’t match the house or neighborhood since we knew we weren’t staying here forever. A white kitchen is always timeless, and the costal pops with the art, rattan pendants and decor still tied in that coastal feel. It was exactly what I wanted when we moved here, and I’m so happy we got to design it all from scratch. I learned a ton that I’m excited to take with me to the next house!

Our Kitchen

I love decorating with palm fronds, and these on the kitchen table are from our backyard. I’ve yet to find some faux fronds that are large and realistic enough to buy – if you have any you love, comment below!

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