Serena & Lily Wallpaper Dupes: Elevate your space

Y’all know I love my coastal touches in decor, and incorporating serena & lily wallpaper dupe into our home has been such a fun way to add more of a custom look. The only thing, as we know, is that wallpaper can get pretty expensive depending on the selection. For really anything in the home, it’s important to understand that there are limits to finding a cheaper option if you want your space to look high end. With that in mind, I do think there are great ways to incorporate inexpensive things in a smart way that will still make your rooms truly look like you had a designer!

This is why I absolutely LOVE this grasscloth wallpaper from Amazon. It was beyond easy to apply (we’ll get into that in detail below), it’s inexpensive, and it looks high end. This project was a total success– I always get compliments when I have guests over.

To start, wallpaper has a few different options: traditional non-pasted and peel-and-stick. Usually the peel and stick is cheaper due to the fact that it has an easier application and a bit thinner of a paper. I have seen many companies begin producing more peel and stick, which I hope to continue to see more of! Traditional wallpaper can sometimes require an installer because of the nature of the application difficulty. Back in our home in Athens, GA, my parents and I spent 2 days putting up wallpaper in the dining room and it was extremely difficult- haha! If you go that route, I do think it’s worth the money to invest in someone to install it for you. It would be unfortunate to hang your wallpaper incorrectly, wasting more money to fix it. And just to add: wallpaper can be temperamental depending on the humidity levels and if your walls have any texture, so do a little research prior to buying!

Our Dining Room Wallpaper

Okay, let’s get into it. This peel and stick wallpaper was from Amazon, and I applied it in one evening by myself in the span of maybe 4 hours. Because it’s grasscloth, you don’t have to line up any of the runs so it makes using this even easier!

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I absolutely love this wallpaper color. Amazon has a few other colors to choose from as well, and it really does look textured in person (it’s not!)

Similar wallpapers on Amazon:

Amazon has some stunning peel-and-stick wallpapers that look just like more high end stores like Serena and Lily. These light to medium shades of blue add such a beautiful coastal touch to your rooms. These wallpapers would look great in a hall bathroom, a guest room, a dining room, or even an entryway. I peek at Pinterest to get inspo before deciding, and will try to order one roll to see it in person before committing.

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