easy hostess gift ideas

13 Easy Hostess Gift Ideas

I abide by a traditional rule of “never go to a party empty handed”, so I wanted to compile a list of easy hostess gift ideas. Whether you’re going to a dinner party, a friend’s new house, celebrating an engagement, or especially when meeting someone new at their home, it goes such a long way to bring a thoughtful gift!

The great thing is, these don’t have to be expensive. Presentation truly is everything, so grab one or two of these listed below, wrap in a pretty bag or with a bottle of wine and I know you’ll make a great first impression!

What I like to do is check my calendar for the upcoming months and order a handful of gifts to keep on hand so I’m ready to go when I need them. Stock up on a few candles, coffee mugs, books or planters and keep in a closet until needed.

Here are 13 easy hostess gifts that I think will please anyone!

Coffee Table Books – These are my two favorite coffee table books on amazon that I think are so beautiful and such an easy gift! Wrap a bow around the four sides with a sweet card and voila. Here’s a link for my complete roundup on Amazon of cute coffee table books.

Rattan Spreaders – Perfect to pair with a dip bowl or a cutting board. These are adorable!

Silver Monogrammed Dip Bowl – On amazon for a very inexpensive price and comes wrapped so all you have to do if throw in a bag. I love that it comes with a matching spreader.

Rewined Candle – For a casual gift that everyone loves. I might pair with a batch of cookies or just wrap in a cute bag.

Le Creuset Mug Set – These are a little nicer, but a great gift that anyone is bound to love. These come in many other colors, or you can get just a single mug if you prefer! Le Creuset is one of my favorite kitchen brands.

Yeti Travel Mug – Comes in a few other colors, this travel mug is great on its own or with a box of a few more goodies. Pack with candies or your favorite tea bags!

Tassel Throw Blanket – I have this blanket in blue and this green and they look so much nicer than the price point. Wrap with a bow and put it in a bag with a candle or bottle of champagne, and this will make a great house warming present!

Embroidered Cocktail Napkins – I am obsessed with these. Such high quality, these napkins will please anyone. Put in a bag with a treat or two nice cocktail glasses for a sweet gift! I love the embroidery on these.

Bubble Planter

Cutting Board

Milk Frother

Mint Julep Cups

Electric Wine Opener

I hope you found something you love in these 13 easy hostess gift ideas!

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