My current pregnancy must-haves & registry top picks

And all of a sudden, we’re well into second trimester! It’s been the most crazy season of my life with our big move and being pregnant for the first time. So many good things and sweet blessings, and time is moving to quickly! I can’t believe Q1 is over already. I am rounding up my first + second trimester favorites, along with a few top registry picks below!

Pregnancy Favorites

Amazon Leggings

These have been great for a little growing belly for transition leggings to wear at the gym. I have a few lululemon leggings and they’re just too compressing as things start to get bigger! These are very soft and comfortable for all day wear, but still a good material to do a workout in. They don’t get too hot!

Prenatal Vitamin

I have been taking these chewables. I’ve tried to find something that’s easy to order and doesn’t have a ton of added unnecessary ingredients, and I’ve liked this one okay… I just wish they wouldn’t add seed oils! I am just not great at taking a pill everyday, so I had to do a chewable to get my vitamins in 😉 Let me know if you have any prenatals you like in the comments.

Baby Book

Gosh, this has been so fun to keep up with week to week. It has all you need for important milestone prompts, cravings, spots for photos, weekly updates, and so much more. I’ve written little blurbs every week about what we’re doing for baby.

Bluetooth Fujifilm Instax Printer

Because who actually has the film camera on them during all the important moments? This connects to bluetooth to print any photo you’ve taken on your phone, and prints on actual film paper for a vintage look. This is all I use to fill our baby book!

Magnesium Oil Spray

I put this on the bottom of my feet almost every night to boost my magnesium levels during pregnancy and help with any sickness / headaches. John even uses it too, and it definitely helps us sleep better!

Thank You Letters

Love these sweet little custom thank you notes from Etsy!

Egyptian Magic Cream

My skin was a little more dry early on in pregnancy, so I would use this at night after my skincare and I noticed a huge difference in moisture and brightness! A little goes a long way, and sometimes I would have to do it on nights that I knew I was having a hair wash day the next morning due to oiliness. But- its good and worth it!

Water Bottle

Cute bottles with lots of colors that helps me drink a little more throughout the day.

Maternity Pajamas from Lake Pajamas

The sweetest set! I love everything that Lake puts out, and it’s been extra fun to start getting into their Maternity line. This new print is perfect for both pregnancy and breastfeeding pajamas, yet still look like you’ve pulled yourself together. I can’t wait to watch my belly grow in these!

Progesterone Oil

I did order mine from, but I see that they also sell it on amazon. Any progesterone oil or lotion is great to use for first trimester, this is just what I used. I put it on my arms, chest and wrists.

Top picks on my registry:

What a FUN season to be in! I hope this was helpful a little as you might be preparing for your own pregnancy, registry, or buying for a soon to be momma.

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