My Current Makeup Routine

I’ve always been a makeup lover, and like to switch out different products every so often with new things I’m trying. Here’s my current makeup routine that’s great for both warmer and cooler months, and will leave you subtly glowing and looking hydrated. I start with a self tanner and sunscreen every day to give my face a little more life, and I’ve listed my favorites below!

A few makeup trends I’ve been loving lately is the blush placement going a little higher up the cheekbone and blended in a “C” curve, which makes me look a little fresher and lifts my face a bit. You can thank TikTok for that one! The blush I love is listed below, I’ve been using one cream and one powder on top.

I’ve gotten my brows tinted a few times this year, along with a lash lift and I really love it. The lash lift lasts so long! As a blonde, I have to be very careful with the brow tinting, but it does add some dimension to my face.

As mentioned before in this post, I did get my colors done earlier this year and discovered that I am a “True Summer” season, meaning I look best in cool tones, pastels, and muted pinks. I can’t recommend getting a color analysis done enough! I went to Kim with House of Color, and if you look on their website they have tons of consultants all over the US. There are also lots of online services, but it’s a lot more difficult to get your true colors this way so I hear.

That’s all for trends, let’s get into my current routine!

Prepping My Skin

Every few days, I use this self tanner and sleep in it. Plan on washing your sheets the next day! Prior to tanning, I try to exfoliate in the shower and shave. This will help the tan last longer and look sprayed. Coco + Eve is my favorite – even better than St. Tropez – because it’s not as orange, lasts longer, and has much better ingredients.

By far my favorite sunscreen! Usually this is all I have under my makeup. It does not pill, it’s moisturizing, no white cast, and no smell. I’ve used this for years!

Drunk Elephant Bronzer Drops – A little bit of this goes a long way. It’s got a very subtle glow to it, so it will look great even on its own. I put this on right after my sunscreen. Don’t use it without anything, or it will look streaky.

Radiant Complexion

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for foundation days. Great coverage, makes your skin look healthy and dewey, and has lots of colors to match your skin tone. I usually stay the Cameo shade all year round.

Favorite + cheapest makeup brushes that can do your whole face. These are from Amazon for $17! Makeup always goes on smooth. Highly recommend!

The best concealer! On days I’m working from home, one layer of this goes a long way and is still sheer enough to not look like I’m wearing anything. And when I want to dress up, this concealer is very buildable!

Add Dimension

Contour + Bronzer Stick – I’ve been really liking this. It’s creamy and blends out well with a brush or beauty blender.

On top of my contour, I use this bronzer all over my face at the points where the sun hits. If you know your exact season, this website is great for shopping your shade!

Looove this Rare Beauty blush! I have this cooler shade. It has lasted me so long because a little truly goes a long way, and blends out very easily.

Just like the bronzer, I use a powder blush to go over the cream blush just to set it and add another dimension. I use this blush from House of Color. If you have been thinking about it, I can’t recommend getting your color analysis done! It’s been so helpful in wearing correct colors for makeup and clothing.

Eyes + Lips

Perfect neutral eye palette for everyday use. It’s a smidge shimmery!

Sky High Mascara – Will never use another mascara. I love that as a blonde, I can order a brown shade of mascara! It makes my lashes look so long and thick. Do two layers if you want an extra boost!

My favorite lipgloss of all time. Buxom has so many shades that are great for every skin tone!

Last But Not Least…

And to take it all off, I use this Juno Skin makeup remover.


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