My June Favorites: Get ready for SUMMER!

I think I say this every time, but this time I mean it: this month FLEW by! I hope you are having a fabulous summer so far. This month’s favorites include some fabulous makeup finds, a few cute dresses, a yummy cocktail recipe, and comfy shoes to wear the rest of the season. Read on below! Click the photos to shop, or the title of the product.


Lux Unfiltered Tan Drops – I have put a few drops of this into my nighttime moisturizer for a subtle tan. Go easy around your eyebrows or they will look a little orange if you’re blonde like me! 😉

Loft Dress – The most comfy dress that’s also so flattering. From Loft and is on sale!

Staud Dress– Comes in a few other colors. This is SUCH a fun dress! These amazon shoes that I paired with them are so, so comfortable.

Naked pallet – Lots of colors, but this one was my favorite for neutrals. These last a really long time, and I love how you can do a casual or elevated eye look with this pallet.

Amazon Diamond Huggie Earrings – I wear these all the time. They look real and are easy to casually dress up your outfit.

Summersalt Bathing Suit – I will no longer be buying any other brand of bathing suits besides summersalt! I love the cut of the bottoms of these, and felt so comfortable on the beach. They have different styles for all different body types!

Lorna Murray Hat – Influenced by all my Florida girls, this hat is stunning and adds such a beautiful touch to an outfit or beachwear. They are constantly coming out with new styles and colors! I am wearing the medium size.

Intaglios – Did a DIY project with these this month for our bedroom and love how these turned out framed. Take a look at the finished product on my reels.

Amazon Stripe Dress – Easy day dress for summer! I took my normal size.

Rothy’s sneakers – I wore these all around Europe with no breaking in prior. They’re aerated and so comfortable!

Amazon Stripe set – A great lounge outfit, bathing suit cover up, or something to throw on for running errands! Comes in a few other colors.

More Faves:

While in Italy, we discovered two Spritzes that I’d never tried before and fell in love. They are called the Hugo Spritz and the Limoncello Spritz, and the jury’s still out for which one is better!

Hugo Spritz:

1/2 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

4 oz prosecco

1 to 2 oz soda water

A sprig of mint + lemon wheel

Lots of ice!

This one is soooo refreshing and more sweet than the Aperol Spritz . Next we have:

Limoncello Spritz (it’s so easy)

3 oz prosecco

2 oz Limoncello

1 oz soda water

Pour over ice and top with a lemon wheel

** for an extra flare, add a little scoop of lemon or vanilla sorbet. Chef’s kiss!

Another favorite from this month was getting my colors done! I’m a little late to the party on this, but if you follow me on Instagram you know how much I loved seeing Kim at House of Color to figure out what season I am. This helps so much in buying clothes and makeup that flatter your skin tone and don’t wash you out. During my consultation we figured out I am a “true Summer” season, and it’s been so fun finding things that make me look more refreshed just by the color! If you’re in Jacksonville, go see Kim Armga for a consultation.

That’s all for now!

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