Transitional Fashion: Stylish Pieces for the End of Summer

It’s officially August! Thrilled about football season, upcoming Fall events, soup (!), cooler weather (eventually…), and all things transitional style. This time of year gets to be my favorite for fashion because it’s still lightweight, but the colors get softer, layers start to happen, and I get to wear jeans. Again… eventually. I know, August in Florida is still very much so pushing it to think any sort of denim will be at all comfortable, but I’ll be trying.

I’ve rounded up a ton of great transitional pieces I think you’ll love that are comfortable enough in warmer weather, but will carry you into cooler temps. Some trends I think we’ll be seeing this season are longer skirts, denim, statement belts, classic staples, cuffed jeans, and overall a “quiet luxury” vibe.

Fall Transitional Tops





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