Recent Amazon Favorites

Summer weather is here! I have rounded up some of my recent Amazon favorites recently that I know y’all will love. Dresses, mens clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Amazon is one of those tried and true stores that fill all the gaps for when I just don’t have enough time or effort to go out and dig for the things I’m looking for! Scroll to the end for a fabulous mens blazer that your honey will love to wear during dinner dates. Amazon keeps us all going!

Recent Amazon Favorites

Tiered Dress – Comes in SO many colors, and both striped and solid. I sized down one as it’s a tent dress and has lots of fabric. This orange and white stripe is so pretty for summer

Juno Skin Makeup Remover – My third repurchase, it lasts me 6 months. It’s so so good and so inexpensive.

Brown Sunnies – These look so much more designer in person. A favorite buy for summertime!

Very into the headscarf trend that’s happening lately. This brand on Amazon has a TON of colors and prints for inexpensive! The green and blue goes with a few bathing suits I have. So so stylish!

Mens Linen Dress Pants – Perfect for summer dinner dates!

Oriental Stand – For ginger jars, lamps, you name it. This looks antique and adds some height to a bookshelf! Lots of styles and sizes.

Black Lace-up Sandals – Great to dress up a sundress! These are SO comfortable and true to size.

Prosecco Candle – Found this scent during our trip to Charleston and fell in love with it. It’s clean, a little sweet, and overall smells expensive. I tryyyy to be good about not burning a lot of scented candles most of the time, but on special occasions I do enjoy a yummy candle. You’ll love this!

5″ Lightweight Shorts for men – I have bought 3 of these for John. They are adorable, a stylish length, and lots of colors! You can’t beat the price.

Mens Casual Blazer – Lots of colors and lightweight enough to wear during the summer months. Runs true to size!

Blue beaded choker – When you don’t want to buy a fancy beaded choker, this one is a good one! There’s lots of other colors to match with what you need, and I like that the beads are a smidge larger to be more of a statement.


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