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How to make a wedding registry: Stuff you’ll actually use

Here is a complete guide on how to make a wedding registry list for the more traditional bride.

I wish I had a guide for how to make a wedding registry when my husband and I got married! There are soooo many things I wish I knew when registering for our wedding almost 5 years ago.

I remember feeling SO overwhelmed when we went to Bed Bath + Beyond or Dillards and were handed a scanner gun and told to register for “anything”. That’s simply not the way to go about getting the most out of your wedding gifts!

Here are some quick tips for how to make a wedding registry that are actually good:

One of my biggest regrets was not registering for Wedding China. As someone who adores tradition and fancy dinners, I would’ve loved to have the option to pull out nice dinnerware for the holidays or birthdays. Some of you might inherit china from a mother or grandmother, so do take inventory of what you might not need to register for prior to making your list!

I recommend making your registry as soon as possible after your wedding planning begins. Lot’s of people like to send engagement presents, and now that you can easily search for registries online, it makes the chances higher of you getting something you’ll actually use 😉

I compiled this list on Amazon! Click here to view.

My advice on how to make a wedding registry is to get the things you need first, and hold off on home decor items!

It’s also important to sit down and do this with your fiancé, and register for things that are in the price range of your wedding guests and family.

I am diving this up into a few different sections: Necessities, Fun, Occasions, and Other.


For the Kitchen:

Bedrooms + Bathrooms

Living + Dining Room



Stock The Bar:

For Parties:


I had a friend who had one of her bridal showers be a Christmas theme, which I thought was a precious idea! This is a good opportunity to load up on what you might not have for Christmas during your first few years of marriage.


Happy Wedding Planning! I hope this was helpful for when you make a registry.

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