Gift Guide: For the Grandmillennial

So, what the heck even is a “Grandmillennial” anyways? Think: textures, layers, pops of color, just the right amount of embellishments, and that one piece of furniture from your great grandmothers house that actually still looks in your living room.

In other words, it’s timeless.

I have always been a more traditional type of decorator and outfit-wearer. I went through the Joanna Gaines + butcher paper + exposed brick phase in college because it was the thing to do, and Target was a weekly occurrence to procrastinate studying. But truly, my heart has always leaned towards comfortable, bright, well-designed homes, and classic, girly outfits since I was little.

When this word “Grandmillennial” or “Coastal Grandmother Style” started being thrown around a few years ago, it felt fun to finally have a word to label it with. So this year, I wanted to put together a gift guide for my fellow Grandmillennial Gals, whether you need a housewarming gift, a Christmas present, or just want to shop for you.

Antique Frame

Blue and White Platter – I love these plates on a stand for bookshelves or in the kitchen. This is at a great price!

Blue + White Cake Stand

Embroidered Cocktail Napkins – A perfect hostess gift.

Cabbage Bowl

Gold Huggie Earrings – These you can wear 24/7. They are small and dainty, and subtly elevate any outfit.

Matches holder – Great for a coffee table. Comes in many colors!

Beautiful Coastal Ginger Jar – you can’t beat this price.

Cozy light blue turtleneck – A good staple for any grandmillennial woman.

Photo or small painting stand

Headband – Take a look at all the different patterns!

Oversized Swing Dress – Can be a great dress for almost all seasons. Comes in many colors.

Chinoiserie Ornaments

Blue and White bag

Gold bow heels – a dupe of the designer. Comes in many colors!

Rattan heels

Coastal Grandmillennial picnic basket set

Wine Bottle Coaster – Grab a bottle of wine and this coaster, and you’ve got a great hostess gift.

Vineyard Vines Stripe Shirt

White Ginger Jar

Beautiful Coffee Table Book

Silver Bowl

Chinoiserie Hand Towel set of 2

Antique Plates set of 5 – Perfect for tea parties or hanging on the wall.

Samsung Art TV – obviously a big gift. Nothing is better than putting up a favorite piece of art on screen to ‘hide’ the TV.

White Linen Dress

Tissue Box Cover

Gold Earrings

Blue glasses – great for a tablescape

Pom Pom Loafers – Comes in lots of colors.

Grandmillennial block heels

Floral dress

Oyster Plate

Blue Willow Soap + Lotion Set

Diffuser Scent that smells like the Ritz Carlton

Bow Tray

Set of 4 blue and white coffee/tea cups

Bamboo Tray

Pillow Covers

Cashmere Throw Blanket

Silver Derby Cups – set of 2

Linen Sundress

Ruffle Pajamas

Travel Jewelry Case

Pagoda Night Light


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