Home Office: Coastal Shelving Decor and DIY Built-in Tips

After this renovation finished up last year, I spend so much time in this room! In this post, I’m going to share some of my favorite coastal shelving decor, DIY tips for anyone building a home office, and lots more.

Setting the Coastal Blue Tone

To achieve a coastal-inspired ambiance, begin by selecting a soothing color palette. I used Benjamin Moore “Cape Blue” in high gloss from top to bottom in our office and love how it looks. It’s a medium gray-blue that feels so refreshing and high end, especially with the gloss sheen. Apply this color to the walls and moulding to give a designer look.

Coastal Shelving Decor for Functionality and Aesthetics

Shelving is an essential aspect of any office, offering both storage and decorative opportunities. Here are some ideas to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your coastal blue office:

a. Beach Treasures: Showcase seashells, driftwood, or small shell collection. These items will infuse your workspace with a touch of coastal charm and serve as conversation starters!

b. Incorporate Woven Texture: Use rattan baskets to store office supplies or as decor pieces. Their texture adds depth to the space while keeping things organized. I love to find wicker elements too, like these photo frames from Amazon.

coastal decor for office

Pair of wicker frames from Amazon

coastal decor for office

Large Rattan Boxes, set of two

c. Greenery: Bringing in plans (real of fake!) helps to add with the calming vibe of any space. Choose low-maintenance varieties like succulents or air plants that thrive in an office environment, or be like me and get a few faux orchids for your shelving. Place them strategically to add a pop of greenery against the blue backdrop.

d. Mix in Vintage Elements: Consider adding vintage coastal-inspired pieces such as display bowls, antique plates, or collected ginger jars for added tradition. Mixing old and new is great for anyone trying to make their space a little more classic or Grandmillennial. Go antiquing, or grab some finds from Etsy and Amazon! Here are my favorites:

e. Coffee table books! Shop all of my favorite Amazon coffee table books here!

A few tips for DIY Office Built In’s

If you’re looking to maximize your space and create a custom home office, built-ins are an excellent solution. Here are some DIY tips to help you get started:

a. Assess Your Needs: Begin by evaluating your storage requirements and office essentials. Determine the size and layout of your built-ins based on your specific needs, including file storage, bookshelves, or display areas for decor. My husband and I needed an office where we both could work at the same time, so I designed desks to be on either side of the room. This has been a game changers for the days we WFH!

b. Plan the Design: Sketch out the design of your built-ins, considering the available space and the style you want to achieve. I was heavily inspired by New Orleans designer Rivers Spencer.

c. Select the Right Materials: Choose sturdy materials that match your coastal aesthetic. We used beadboard panels inside the shelving to add texture and visual interest.

d. Incorporate Lighting: Don’t forget to plan for lighting within your built-ins! We love these picture lights for above each section of shelving, and have this shaded chandelier.

e. DIY Installation: If you’re comfortable with carpentry, you can tackle the installation process yourself. Alternatively, hiring a professional will ensure precise measurements and a seamless finish for your built-ins. This is what we did and have no regrets!

Incorporating coastal blues into your home office can transform it into a tranquil haven that inspires focus and creativity. By thoughtfully decorating your shelving with your favorite coffee table books, coastal elements, woven baskets and collected treasures, you’ll infuse your workspace with an upscale beachy charm that promotes a sense of serenity.

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