What I’m loving this week

I hope y’all have had a wonderful January so far! I wanted to share some things I’ve been loving, both fun finds and miscellaneous.

Life things I’ve been loving:

Nothing groundbreaking, but I’ve been implementing a few new things into my 2023 weeks!

One of them is getting up earlier and STICKING to it. I have missed a few mornings, but goodness! Nothing has been better for my soul than getting up long before the sun and having a more defined morning routine. I wake up, turn on the coffee pot, walk Benji one loop around the neighborhood, and come back to journal + read until it starts to get lighter outside. It sets the tone for such a good day for me, I’ve noticed.

I’ve also been way more intentional with phone boundaries this year. I have an Instagram timer, I try not to look at my phone until after I’ve gotten dressed for the day and then again at lunch time, and overall I have been trying to take way more space from it. Some days are better than others 😉

Favorite Finds Of The Week:

Tanning Mousse with a brush for cheekbone contour.

If you saw on my Instagram stories earlier this week, every few days I am lightly bronzing my face on just cheeks, forehead and neck for a subtle contour. This has made me feel so sun-kissed on these weird January days! If you want to see how I applied this, take a peak at my highlights on IG. The key is not using a lot, applying with a very dense stipple brush, and putting it where you want to highlight the natural shadows of your face.

This is the tanner I’ve been using! I use this on my body as well. It doesn’t smell terrible and its not streaky if you apply with a mit on exfoliated + hydrated skin.

These H&M Shorts

One of my favorite finds this week! I ordered a lot of coastal grandmother-esque clothes from H&M (shop them on LTK), and was happy with almost everything. These white shorts also come in a few different Denim blues! I absolutely love the length, they are true to size and have a comfortable stretch! I am in a size 2 for reference.

IKEA Uppland Couch

Goodness gracious, will I ever shut up about these couches? I will be writing a full review of them on the blog, but you can find a general review with a video on my Instagram. They are fabulous for the price. Our couches before were in DIRE need of an upgrade, so that’s probably another reason why I am so obsessed.

Amazon Sherpa Coat

LOL that I was just talking about shorts, but here’s a thick + comfy sherpa coat from Amazon that I’ve been loving when these Florida days dip under 55 degrees 😉 I’m a wimp, I know. It comes in lots of colors. Huge fan!

My favorite find of this week has to be this book, “Find Your People” by Jennie Allen

Holy moly. Just in the dedication + first chapter had me in tears three times. I read parts of it aloud to my husband John and couldn’t get through it. It’s a fabulous book, and Jennie is so relatable and encouraging. As she says herself, this book really is a life preserver in navigating adult relationship and attempting to change the way we look at community as a whole.

A few underlines in the book:

“We’ve replaced real conversations with small talk, and substituted soul-baring, deep, connected living with texts and nights out together every once in a while. Because the superficial stuff seems less risky”

“… and if we can’t be known, we can’t be rejected– or worse, have our vulnerability used against us.”

“Outside of Jesus, relationships are the greatest gifts we have on earth and simultaneously the most difficult part of being alive.”

GAH. It’s so good. Here’s a link!

That’s all for this week. Let me know if you end up trying any of these things and what you think!

Talk soon,


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